Since 2004, Charlotte has become one of the fastest growing cities in the nation. In fact, not only is the Queen City acquiring new residents at a breakneck pace, but our “Superstar of the Southeast” also attracts $6.7 billion in tourist dollars annually. Thinking of cashing in on this trend by listing your home on Airbnb? Here are some things you need to know to make your Charlotte Airbnb experience safe and profitable.

Know Before you Host

Andrew Dunn of Charlotte Agenda notes that our city has more active Airbnbs than any other in the state except Asheville.

“Pricing ranges dramatically depending on the day of the week and if special events are in town,” he says, noting that Plaza Midwood locations tend to be the most cost-conscious, with South End spots pulling down the big bucks. Hosts can expect to charge a maximum of several hundred dollars per weeknight, with an upcharge of around $50 per weekend night – again, depending on location.

This earning potential makes it tempting to jump right in, but Symon He of urges caution. His list of ten things to consider before hosting with Airbnb begins with making sure you know what you want to get out of your hosting experience and continues down the line to considering how willing you are to put up with ongoing interruptions to your life – all worthy factors to examine.

Charlotte Airbnb Rules and Regulations

Many successful Charlotte Airbnb hosts run their listings without doing the appropriate paperwork, but it’s worth it to check into local laws once you are ready to proceed. Airbnb makes it easy with this rundown of legal considerations you’ll want to keep in mind when listing your Charlotte Airbnb, which provides links to zoning resources, building and housing license information, and applicable tax guidelines. Even if you don’t choose to play it safe, you’ll at least know the issues that could be out there and their implications.

Safety Measures for Your Airbnb

The next step in ensuring that your listing ranks among the best Airbnbs in Charlotte is making sure it is safe for both you and your guests. Airbnb safety in Charlotte is important, so begin by setting expectations up front. As Jessie Fiesta from The Points Guy advises: “Always make sure you fill out the House Rules section on your host profile so guests know what’s okay – and what’s not – while they’re staying there.”

Second, as you respond to a potential guest’s inquiries, try to establish a personal connection with them. Smart home solutions provider Vivint maintains that guests are more likely to respect your property when they’ve formed a bond with you.

Finally, be prepared. Think through your strategy for handling the rare guest who raises your hackles or mistreats your property. Don’t be afraid to stand your ground – or get Airbnb involved. The company is known to be most responsive via Twitter at @Airbnb.

Making Your Charlotte Airbnb Listing Attractive

Now it’s time to have some fun making your Airbnb listing appealing. Finishing touches that can make it stand out include extras like a curated list of things to see and do in your neighborhood, coupons for local eateries, delivery services and attractions, transportation tips and/or maps that might be helpful, and bottled water to greet your guests upon arrival. Customize your listing to match your personality.

Listing your Charlotte home with Airbnb can be a rewarding experience. Handle it right, and not only can you reap financial gains, but you can also hone your business management and marketing skills – and possibly even make friends for a lifetime.