Commscope is a telecommunications manufacturing company founded in 1976 with headquarters in Hickory, N.C. It broke off from General Instrument in 1997. With an operating income of $935 million a year, Commscope employs 15,000 employees and sells it’s products internationally. Most of the products that Commscope manufactures include copper cables, connector panels, jacks, fiber optic cables, racking, and metals for brands like Systimax, Uniprise, and Andrew. Commscope is a leader in its field and won the 2011 Communications Solutions Product of the Year Award. In addition, Commscope is dedicated to creating safer and more sustainable products that reduce toxicity, eliminate halogens, and are more environmentally friendly. In recent years, Commscope has also allocated funds for research and development for fuel cell technology, which would allow operators of Commscope products to reduce their carbon footprint.

Commscope offers a variety of jobs throughout the central region of North Carolina near Hickory and Charlotte. With the headquarters of the company located in Hickory, NC, less than an hour outside of Charlotte, there are many opportunities available for employees living in the Charlotte area.

• Truck Driver- Responsibilities include transporting supplies and products in a tractor trailer across 48 states and Canada with day and night hours. Requires a CDL license in the employee’s state of residency. Average salary- $55,000.
• Sales and Marketing Analyst- Responsibilities include working with the Global sales and marketing teams to analyze business and technical problems. Requires a Bachelor’s degree and related experience. Average salary- $94,000.
• IT Service Desk Analyst- Responsibilities include providing second level technical support to ensure that all problems are being recognized and addressed for continual improvement. Requires a Bachelor’s degree in IT or a related field. Average salary- $42,894.
• Financial Analyst- Responsibilities include analyzing corporate consolidations and assist with monthly and quarterly closing and reporting procedures. Requires a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting or a related field. Average salary- $96,000.