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October trends in Charlotte residential real estate sales were marked by real strength in the selling prices of one and two-bedroom homes. This is partially attributed to better-than-anticipated mortgage interest rates. For example, the average 30-year fixed rate reported by stood at 4. [...]

Statistics compiled by the Carolina Realtors Association suggest that the Charlotte real estate market continues to find an equilibrium that is relatively kind to both buyers and sellers alike. For example, buyers are now paying a slightly lower percentage of asking prices. In September 2013, buyers [...]

Back in 2011 and 2012, Charlotte was the focus of a number of articles that detailed how the local real estate market was favoring buyers over renters. At the time, home prices were still in the post-recession doldrums, and mortgage rates had simultaneously plummeted. Lenders were also beginning to [...]

Late summer in the Charlotte real estate market was marked by lower mortgage interest rates, continued low inventory, and stable selling prices. Selling and Listing Trends Trulia reports that 2,821 Charlotte homes were sold from May 14 to August 14. This represented a decrease of 16.2 percent compa [...]

The mid-summer residential real estate market in the Charlotte area continues to be characterized by fairly low inventory and a slow-down in price increases. This is an interesting combination, because an inventory shortage often stimulates selling prices as prospective buyers vie for a number of ho [...]