A beloved spot is about to get a complete makeover. Tyber Creek Pub in SouthEnd/Dilworth is about to be part of a new tower development plan by Nashville developer Southern Land Company.  Southern Land Company has a catch phrase “artistry in development” and we hope to see it fulfilled in this project. The pub has been a neighborhood institution for over 20 years so we are glad that it will still be here after the new development is completed. 

Southern Land Company as of November is under contract on three parcels, 1919, 1923, and 1933 South Boulevard. Their plan is to develop the three parcels into a mixed-use, high-rise building with 300 luxury apartments with outdoor amenity decks. The developer plans to begin the construction early in 2023 with project completion expected sometime in 2025.

Tyber Creek Pub will be the cornerstone of the new development, which is a highly desirable project because of the density it will bring to the area. The current site, at the corner of South Boulevard and Tremont Street has been the subject of many offers to buy for years, but current owners Tommy Timmins, Maynard Goble and Kevin Devin wouldn’t sell. That is until Southern Land Company came up with a plan to save the pub and shape the project around it.

The only problem for the regulars at Tyber Creek Pub is that there will be some disruption in service while construction is ongoing. The current plan is for the pub to keep operating in current fashion until 2023. At that point, the pub will pack up and put everything into storage until construction is completed. Staff will be spread out throughout other sister restaurants and bars also owned by Tommy, Maynard, and Kevin. Those include Connolly’s in Uptown, Dandelion Market, the Daily Tavern, Workman’s Friend, and Prohibition. Staff can return to Tyber Creek when construction is complete.

When all is said and done, the new Tyber Creek Pub will occupy a 4,500 square foot space on the ground floor of the new tower. Best of all, as part of the negotiation, the current owners will continue to own the pub and the space and will get to design the new pub from the ground up. This continuity should help regulars feel completely at ease in the new space so they can gather for events or a night out for many years to come.

The new tower project will join many more in the booming SouthEnd of Charlotte. This area was sleepy and undeveloped for many years, until the light rail came through. It transformed the area into a bustling metro area with many high rises, restaurants, retail, and nightlife. The new tower should fit in nicely and Tyber Creek Pub will continue to be an anchor for SouthEnd.