Huntersville is a suburban town in the Charlotte metropolitan area that is also in close proximity to Lake Norman. At just 14 miles from Charlotte’s city center, Huntersville is the perfect location to live if you’re looking for a quiet town that is convenient to both city life and lake activities. Not only is Huntersville conveniently located, it has also been the recipient of numerous accolades, such as being included on ValuePenguin’s 2016 Safest Places in North Carolina and being listed as the number two on WalletHub’s 2016 Best Places to Raise a Family in North Carolina.

Huntersville Quick Facts

Can’t decide if Huntersville is the neighborhood for you? We have highlighted some quick facts about the town to help make your decision easier. Huntersville has an even distribution between males and females and has a median age about three years higher than the city of Charlotte as whole. Homes in Huntersville won’t run you too high, they are only average about $5,000 over the average in Charlotte.

  • Area: 31.16 square miles
  • Population: 51,567
  • Females: 25,581
  • Males: 25,986
  • Median Age: 36.6 years
  • Average estimated value of detached houses: $271,183

Where to eat: eeZ Fusion

eeZ Fusion is a resident favorite in Huntersville when it comes to sushi. They take the traditional sushi restaurant and flip it on its head by creating some of the most creative and innovative sushi for miles around. eeZ not only offers sashimi, nigiri and basic rolls, but they also use “non-traditional” fresh meats and vegetables on specialty rolls in order to create dishes like you’ve never tasted. Whether you want sushi, noodle bowls or fresh grilled steak and fish, eeZ must be your go-to in Huntersville!

Where to drink: Primal Brewery

Breweries are the perfect place to spend an afternoon getting a drink and Primal Brewery in Huntersville is no different. Founded in 2013, this local brewery became so popular that it experienced rapid growth and started as a 1BBL brewhouse, quickly became a 3BBL and is now in the works to upgrade to a 15BBL system. Primal Brewery has proved that it is not only a fan favorite, but that it is here to stay and become a staple in Huntersville.

What to do: Raptor Center

If you’re looking for a unique way to spend an afternoon, the Carolina Raptor Center should be your go-to destination. With a mission of conserving raptors, the Carolina Raptor Center welcomes over 35,000 visitors every year to walk the Raptor Trail and spot various birds along the way. Not only can you take a leisurely walk along the trail, the Carolina Raptor Center offers public vulture feedings, talon to table benefit dinners and photography opportunities! The Carolina Raptor Center is fun for the whole family and shouldn’t be missed!