Ever since Pokémon Go, a geolocation augmented reality mobile app, was released earlier this month, it has become a true global phenomenon and Charlotte has been no exception to the Pokémon epidemic. You can’t go anywhere without seeing people virtually catching Pokémon, hearing people talk about catching Pokémon or overhearing conversations about the best gyms in the city. Whether you’re looking to start your journey to becoming a Pokémon trainer or simply looking to expand your Pokémon expertise, use our guide below to find the best places in Charlotte to catch ’em all!


A gym is where you can battle your Pokémon against other teams and hopefully acquire it as your own! Below is a neighborhood guide for where you can find Charlotte Pokémon gyms.


  • The art bench at the Epicentre
  • First United Methodist Church
  • Tower of Knowledge at ImaginOn
  • Atherton Mill
  • Tremont Music Hall


  • The gazebo on Park Drive
  • Hawthorne Bridge Fountain

Plaza Midwood

  • Krazy Fish
  • Plaza Presbyterian Church
  • Harris Teeter on Central Ave.


  • Johnston YMCA
  • Company Store
  • NoDa water tower
  • Amelie’s
  • The Learning Collaborative


  • Student Union
  • Prospector Hall
  • St. Thomas Aquinas Church
  • September 11th Memorial


There are hundreds of Charlotte PokéStops around town, so it’s almost impossible to list them all, but below you can find different PokéStop locations in each neighborhood where you can pick up items to help capture more Pokémon.


  • Bechtler Museum of Modern Art
  • Whiskey River
  • Charlotte Mecklenburg Library
  • UNCC Center City Building
  • Pritchard Memorial Baptist Church
  • Trolley Museum
  • Charlotte Fire Department Station 2
  • Hot Taco
  • Park and Kingston Apartments
  • Mac’s Speed Shop
  • Mellow Mushroom


  • The water tower on Pecan Ave.
  • Sifford Gardens
  • Hawthorne Recreation
  • Independence Park Gazebo

Plaza Midwood

  • Holy Trinity Lutheran Church
  • Plaza Midwood Library
  • Pint Central
  • Whiskey Warehouse


  • 510 Expert Tattoo and Piercing
  • Salvador Deli
  • Salud Beer Shop
  • The Blind Pig
  • NoDa Mills


  • Student Union
  • Halton Arena
  • Jerry Richardson Stadium
  • Halton-Wagner Tennis Complex
  • Van Landingham Glen
  • Susie Harwood Garden
  • J. Murrey Atkins Library

Rare Pokémon Catches

While it’s never been proven, there are theories that rare Pokémon often linger in the same areas. Below we have listed some reported spots around Charlotte where people have captured rare Pokémon- go to these spots and hopefully, you too will have such luck!


  • Mecklenburg County Courthouse- Magmar
  • 7-Eleven on Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd- Sandslash
  • French Quarter- Aerodactyl
  • Ashton South End Apartments- Wartortle
  • Pike’s Old Fashioned Soda Shop- Cubone
  • ELS Language Centers- Pikachu

Plaza Midwood

  • Veteran’s Park- Machop


  • Jerry Richardson Stadium- Wigglytuff
  • Central Piedmont Community College- Growlithe
  • Student Union- Abra
  • Susie Harwood Garden- Pikachu

Local Pokémon Go Events and Deals

Pokémon Go events are popping up all over Charlotte- earlier this month a local man organized an event in Romare Bearden Park and more than 1,000 people of different Pokémon Go levels showed up. Stores and restaurants around town are also offering a variety of discounts for players. If you want to attend more events similar to the one in Romare Bearden Park or want to get exclusive Pokémon Go discounts, below is a list to help you get started.

Pokémon Go Bar Crawl

Sign up for the Pokémon Go Bar Crawl on August 12 at the Epicentre. This Pokémon-themed event only costs $10 and allows you to get free entrance into each participating bar and connect with some of Charlotte’s most diehard Pokémon Go fans!

Label Pokémon Go Party

On July 23, Label is throwing a Pokémon Go bash for everyone 18+! Come dressed as your favorite Pokémon and catch’em all at Charlotte’s biggest battlefield party.

Pint Central

Pint Central is offering 15% off to anyone who drops a lure in front of the restaurant but offers 10% off to anyone who is Team Valor on any day!

Brixx Pizza BOGO Deal

Brixx Pizza offered a deal on July 17th and 18th where if Pokémon Go players caught a Pokémon near a Brixx restaurant and posted it on social media, they would receive BOGO pizzas! While this deal has passed, keep an eye out for more Pokémon Go deals from this establishment in the future!

Pokémon Social at Kahunaville

On July 26th from 5pm to close Kahunaville will be putting up continual lures for a Pokémon Social. Kahunaville is both a PokéStop and gym, leaving customers with multiple Pokémon Go activities to partake in during the social event.