Queen City – The New Transportation Hub Of The Southeast

August 7, 2012
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FOX NEWS – Charlotte, NC
August 6, 2012

Welcome to the Queen City, the land of business and opportunity. The land aviation director Jerry Orr says is the center of all travel in the Southeast. Jerry Orr says, “If you can’t get there from here, you can’t do business.”

Orr helped build the Charlotte Douglas International airport from the ground up. With more than seven hundred flights at the airport everyday, Orr says it’s an essential part of the Charlotte economy. Jerry Orr says, “This is very clearly a business airport, business is the business of Charlotte. We cater to business travelers, and they want to get there right now, and they don’t have time to wait around.”

Time is money in Charlotte. And for those traveling the roadways, our interstate system is one of a kind. NC DOT’s Jennifer Thompson says, “North Carolina has the largest interstate system, we have the most miles to maintain in the country.”

With our massive and growing interstate system, and hundreds of thousands of motor vehciles driving through Charlotte daily, the city showcases the best in design. Thompson says, “The 85/485 interchange is a new concept called turbine interchange and we’ve received interntaion recognition for it.”

Its the kind of cutting edge design that helps thousands of truck drivers on our roads everyday, the trucking industry is in Charlotte’s wheelhouse. John Medina of Schneiders Trucks says, “We’re delivering up and down the East Coast so this is a vital lane.”

John Medina is the manager at Schneider’s Freight Company in Charlotte. Schneiders is one of many trucking companies here in Charlotte delivering goods, and keeping businesses moving in the Queen City. Medina says, “If you think about transport, and everything that is being delivers, products, good, things like that. 75% of freight is delivered by one of these trucks.”

Charlotte businesses rely on trucks to deliver across the country too. Our trucking hub is one of the largest in the Southeast, with more than a thousand trucks moving through Charlotte every day. Medina says, “We are vital to the economy, if you look back here, see that we are still moving freights.”

Along the roads, and the rails, Charlotte’s transportation system continues to grow. The city and Norfolk Southern are building a $90 million dollar intermodal hub at the airport. Freight will move among trucks, trains and planes. And our inland port keeps moving goods from here to the coast. It’s a growing industry, keeping the QC on the move, and it’s another good thing about Charlotte.

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