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305 New Jobs Coming To Cleveland County, NC

August 14, 2012
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The Shelby Star – August 13, 2012
Sjobs stock photoHELBY – It’s the biggest manufacturing announcement for Cleveland County in six years. And it’s going to put more than 300 people back to work.

Schletter Inc., a German company specializing in the design and manufacturing of solar panel mounting systems, announced plans Monday to purchase the 100,000-square-foot shell building at the Foothills Commerce Center for the company’s U.S. headquarters.

The company will also create 305 new jobs by the end of 2016 and invest more than $27 million, according to the announcement.

The Schletter announcement comes one year after construction finished on the shell building. The city and county partnered to purchase the property and build the facility to attract new jobs. City and county officials now hope their new client will help attract more companies to the Foothills Commerce Center.

Economic development leaders say they are in talks with other companies looking to move to the U.S. and Cleveland County.

“The majority of our clients now are international,” said Kristin Fletcher, executive vice president of the Cleveland County Economic Development Partnership.

Fletche and County Special Projects Manager David Dear said the city and county spent $2.6 million to construct the shell building. Proceeds from the sale to Schletter will go toward building additional shell buildings at the 152-acre Foothills Commerce Center.

“We’re excited to offer our customers improved delivery and service options by opening our second U.S. manufacturing facility and new U.S. corporate headquarters in Shelby, North Carolina,” Schletter Inc. President Martin Hausner wrote in a prepared statement.

The new facility in Shelby, which will serve as U.S. headquarters and the production and distribution hub of Schletter’s east coast operations, will house all functions required to produce the company’s solar mounting systems.

What is it? Schletter Inc., based in Germany, announced plans to purchase the shell building at the Foothills Commerce Center for its U.S. headquarters.

How many new jobs will be created? 305 in the next 4 years

Average annual wage for the new jobs: $40,660, plus benefits (county average: $32,760)

What do they make? The company specializes in solar mounting systems. According to the company, they supply 25 percent of all solar mounting systems produced and delivered in the U.S.

How much investment? $27 million

Grants used to attract Schletter: Job Development Investment Grant and One North Carolina Fund; the Golden LEAF Foundation provided a $1 million grant to help in the construction of the facility

For more info on hiring: Visit

What they said…

County leaders weigh in on the jobs announcement

“This project could not have happened without partnerships on both the local and the state level. This project will greatly benefit Cleveland County, however, I feel the biggest winners will be those 305 people who will be back to work.”

– Johnny Hutchins, Chairman, Cleveland County Commissioners

“This is an incredible win for our community that they will be expanding our budding renewable energy cluster and creating so many high-quality jobs.”

– Kristin Fletcher, Executive Vice President, Cleveland County Economic Development Partnership

“They are a great fit for the shell building in the Foothills Commerce Center and I know will be a high quality employer in our community.”

 – Rick Howell, Manager, City of Shelby

“We are thrilled to have 305 new manufacturing jobs available to our citizens in the growing renewable energy market. Many thanks go to a lot of individuals who worked diligently to bring this outstanding company to our state.”

 – Stan Anthony, Mayor of Shelby

“The recruitment of this company is the result of strategic and aggressive economic development efforts by the Cleveland County Economic Development Partnership, Board of Commissioners, City of Shelby and the State of North Carolina. This substantial jobs announcement reflects our continued commitment to recruiting jobs for our citizens.”

– Eddie Holbrook, Cleveland County Commissioner

Other job announcements this year, January-June

Company, Type, New/Expansion, Date, # jobs, investment

Baldor Electric Co., manufacturing, expansion, January, 166, $17 million

Kendrion FAS Controls, manufacturing, expansion, February, 57, $7.5 million

AT&T, data center, new, February, 100, $850 million

Steag Energy Services, LLC, manufacturing, expansion, April, 15, $3 million

MACO, manufacturing, expansion, April, 10, $339,000

Greenheck, manufacturing, new, June, 64, $7.8 million

Badger, manufacturing, new, June, 30, $1 million

Source: Cleveland County Economic Development Partnership

About Schletter Inc.

  •  Privately held and owned
  •  Employs 1,800 workers worldwide, with roughly 200 in the U.S.Manufacturing sites are currently located in Germany, Tucson, Az., Windsor, Ontario and Shanghai, China
  • Distribution and service locations are in Italy, Spain, France, United Kingdom, Australia and Greece
  • Remote sales offices are located in Connecticut, Virginia and New Jersey


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